Health & Safety

Landtran Systems and its business units are committed to operating in a way that protects the environment and the health and safety of its employees, customers and the public.

Our goal is to exceed all safety standards and regulations and to actively strive towards continuous improvement through a dynamic and proactive safety program. We achieve this in a number of ways, outlined below.
Landtran companies set strict standards of safety to protect people and shipments during their daily operations. Onsite and on the road, safety is paramount at all times.
Orientation and Training
Orientation and Training: Warehouse and driving staff go through extensive safety training as a condition of hire. Drivers must pass safety tests before they are allowed on the road and must re-certify on a regular basis. 

Several of our companies have even established their own training centres. Our drivers on the ice roads undergo special schooling to maintain high levels of knowledge and understanding of safety processes on the ice.

Safety Pays
To help foster an environment where safety is priority, many of our companies provide incentives for safe performance over a period of time.
Hiring for Success
To help ensure the safe operation of our businesses, it is common to hire for positions in charge of safety of a specific division or area.
Actions speak louder than words. Several of our companies have been awarded Work Safe Alberta and other safety awards of distinction. 

By focusing on education and the elimination of potential hazards associated with our activities, we create an environment and culture where safety is a priority.
COR Certification
All of our divisions are COR certified.
Cor Seal
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