Monarch Transport

A member of Landtran Systems Inc.
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25245 -111 Ave
Acheson, AB T7X 6C8
Main Phone: (780) 452-9414 (8799)

18A -3300 Smith Drive
Armstrong, BC V0E 1B1
Main Phone: (778) 738-1645

1824 - 1st Ave
Prince George, BC V2N 2K8
Main Phone: (250) 564-3093

About Monarch Transport

Monarch Transport is the international TL division of the Landtran Group of Companies. The company has strategically located offices in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Armstrong and Prince George which handle all shipping requirements to points within Canada, the United States and Mexico. Monarch operates several specific business units, each with an extensive range of equipment that helps to set them apart in the transportation and logistics market.

Monarch Transport is the leading transportation logistics solutions provider with demonstrated capability across all industry sectors. Our abilities range from handling infrequent, single shipments to full transportation management. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact Monarch Transport today and learn how we can work with your company to create a more streamlined, efficient and profitable supply chain.

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US Division
Canadian Division
Logistics Division

US Division

Area of operations, all of USA States except Hawaii, four western Canadian provinces as well as Yukon and Northwest Territories.

  • We offer dry/heated tandem van service
  • We have a very knowledgeable Operational and Sales Staff located in Armstrong, BC and Edmonton, AB
  • We are Bonded both in Canada and the USA
  • We are a certified Hazardous Material carrier
  • We have a strong Customer Base
  • We are committed to giving the BEST Service to our Customers
  • Direct Service the Far North (Yukon, NWT, Alaska)

Canadian Division

  • 53' Triaxle Vans (Heated, Insulated)
  • Servicing Western Canada and the far North (Yukon, NWT)
  • Satellite equipped trailers
  • Central dispatch
  • Dedicated knowledgeable team of experienced staff
  • Over 30 years' experience in the industry.
  • Proven safety record
  • Financially secure
  • Flexible schedules

Logistics Division
(Brokerage 3PL / Freight Management)

With a single contact for booking and tracking orders, our seamless door-to-door transportation options are the ideal shipping solution for busy shippers. We can electronically broadcast logistics requirements to the market and identify available trucking assets in the network to quickly match capacity to your needs. With our detailed, selection process, we are able to select the best carrier option for you. Our expertise in transportation logistics enables us to remove the mystery and stress from every shipment.

Other Benefits:

  • Competitive rates
  • Excellent customer service with that extra TLC to ensure the job is done right
  • Utilizing our own Monarch fleet or building bonds with other reputable carriers to move freight ensures each Customer is getting the best value for their dollar
  • As part of the transportation supply chain, we encourage you to put your freight in our hands, ensuring your Company is not being kept from other responsibilities
  • Experienced staff who know how and where to find answers to any questions or services required
  • Keen sense in where today's market is heading and how to stay ahead of it
  • Asset Based