Northern Ice Roads

Several Landtran companies provide transportation and management services to the remote areas across Canada's north and Alaska. Offering over 50 years of experience, we specialize in transporting goods across the winter ice roads of the Northwest Territories and are a certified carrier for Canada's northern diamond mines.

We offer TL Deck, TL Van, LTL and Heavy Haul / Over-dimensional services across the North, and the major northern markets we serve include mining, construction and general freight services.

Our group is also able to provide construction services, including ice road construction and a full-service rock quarry operation located near Yellowknife, NWT.

About Us

Based in Western Canada, the Landtran Group of companies consists of diverse subsidiary business units that are able to provide unparalleled reach and service across Canada, the United States and Mexico.

With over 60 years of transportation and delivery experience, we are proud to be Industry leaders.

Our versatility and international range has helped to secure our place as one of the largest integrated, regional distribution operations in Western Canada.